Essential Office Amenities in a Post-Pandemic World

It’s no secret that the past couple of years changed us. It shifted our priorities making us more aware of our health, and our working environments. While the economy is slowly recovering from the past couple of years under the global pandemic, more and more businesses are returning to the on-site work set-up. 

To welcome employees back into the on-site set up, businesses have placed health and well-being at the forefront by redesigning work spaces with essential office amenities. With the looming variants of Covid-19, it has become the priority of many businesses to reassure their employees by seeking out spaces with essential office amenities in a post-pandemic world. 

Security Protocols

An employee’s sense of safety has been redefined to include the need to be in a clean, safe and sanitized environment. Along with building security, office access now requires temperature checks and sanitation upon entrance to prevent the further spread of the virus. Developments like Rockwell’s 1 Proscenium, designed for the finest professionals have even taken it a step further by integrating their façade of sophistication with the safety protocols. 

Apart from creating a modern aesthetic, an open floor plan design also makes it easier for areas to be regularly cleaned and sanitized. This also allows people to practice social distancing even within the office. The Podium Offices, within the Proscenium community, designed with spacious floor layouts.. To ensure everyone’s safety, greeting you at the entrance are sleek temperature scanners with facial recognition and daily UV disinfection in the common areas to adapt to a more safe and secure post-pandemic world.

Environment Innovation

During the global lockdown, we experienced the influence of our environment on our productivity and overall well-being. To ease the transition out of a work from home environment, safe outdoor workspaces have also become an essential office amenity in a post-pandemic world. Not only will it be easier to practice social distancing, the unconventional workspace option also allows employees to explore their most ideal and productive work set-up.

Over the last few years, people fell accustomed to their comfortable working atmosphere, down to their highly personal preferred thermostat. With today’s technology available, that personal touch can be replicated in innovative workspaces. High-rise developments, with a combination of operational windows to allow a cool breeze to enter the workspace, partnered with the use of a variable refrigerant system, can replicate the comfortable work environment for a happy and productive work atmosphere. 

The integration of natural light in a workspace not only elevates the sophisticated aesthetic of a workspace, but creates a lighter environment in a post-pandemic world.

Tucked in the Proscenium community, 1 Proscenium utilized these essential workspace amenities along with their spacious workspace to provide their tenants the optimum workstyle environment. This LEED Silver- certified building also uses energy-efficient LED lights and low consumption water fixtures with sustainability in mind. 

The future-centric design of the 1 Proscenium is the first Rockwell Center to have an e-vehicle charging station. The establishment is also equipped with a Smart Building Management System as well as 24-hour technical and engineering support. 

Truly, a welcome signal to the end of our years in lockdown is once again having ease of access to establishments for quick coffee runs, business lunches with prospective clients and evenings out after work. Within the exclusive Proscenium community, the Podium Offices stands as a premium workspace within Rockwell Center and its signature luxury establishments.

As the workforce readies itself to fully transition back into the office, these essential office amenities will not only create a happy and more productive environment, it will also ease the shift out of their work from home set-up.

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